The Challenge

How to modify an article so that browsers get useful information and the information displayed is the information that the readers want?

With the number of articles increasing day by day, the concept of writing in articles needs to be improved so that browsers looking for such info will find this viuQ website.

Each writing and theme of the “website” used needs to be selected among the most appropriate for the informative article. This is because any writing if using the wrong “website” theme will make browsers lose interest in reading.

The Solution

Re -improve the theme used as well as to improve the “keywords” in each writing.

Among the things that need to be improved is to change the theme of the website with a suitable theme.

This is because the theme of the website that is exchanged is a theme that corresponds to the concept of information.

This theme is also more interesting to read as well as the “surfing” speed for this theme is also in the best speed range.

In addition, the writing contained in the viuQ website is also improved overall in terms of similarities and also “keywords”.

Each storytelling article on this site is reviewed and analyzed according to the latest data.

The data obtained are modified so that each of these articles will be easily accessible to the reader.

The technique of improving each article found in this website is by improving the existing “keyword” factors.

The Result

The speed of the website is improved as well as any information reaching the readers.

Every change that has been made makes the articles on this viuQ website in perfect condition.

The fixed “keywords” also make it easier to find on the Google search engine.

Changing the theme of the website also makes the speed of this viuQ website in the best condition with access to read.

The result: This makes the browsers will continue reading without feeling bored due to the speed in accessing other articles.