The Challenge

How to make this website as the main website selected from other websites?

The main factor is how to make the proverbs contained in this website reach the readers.

It is an important factor because such articles have many rivals.

In addition, every proverbial article found on this website also needs to be improved in terms of similarity in writing.

Although proverbs are unavoidable in terms of similarity, itulis needs to ensure that these proverbial articles need to achieve a minimum percentage level of similarity.

The Solution

Website improvement and plagiarism in articles.

The first change made was to refine each existing proverbial article.

It covers every writing so that the similarity (plagiarism) that occurs is kept to a minimum.

The technique used is to change the article, but still, retain the existing meaning.

In addition, each article is also improved techniques such as the use of “keywords” in the appropriate amount.

This is because perfect results are the main factor for this website to be at its best.

The speed of this website is also improved to display articles in a smooth condition.

The Result

Every proverbial article available is in the best position.

With the techniques that have been created on all the proverbial articles available, it at once gives the best impact.

Every proverb article found on the website means this proverb is an article that is easy to find on Google search engine.

The similarity factor of “plagiarism” for each writing is also in a minimal state.

The speed of this website is also emphasized because it is also one of the factors.

The result: After the changes are made technically, it is in the best position to be accessed by the readers.