The Challenge

How to simplify all the recipes available on this site appropriate and in line with current concepts?

Due to the increasing demand for recognizing and learning a recipe nowadays, the use of concepts that make it easier for consumers is a challenge for us.

Nowadays, the required format consists of two things. The first is a concept that simplifies the reader. While the second concept is downloadable. Both of these concepts are needed nowadays.

The Solution

Reorganizing existing recipes to be more user friendly.

With the format changes that have been made, each recipe on this website has become easier to understand.

In addition, with the use of the download button, it also makes browsers like it more because it can be saved as a copy.

The change to the format of this recipe took a few days following the need to be completely changed as the format used previously was just a regular article format.

Every sentence structure found on this website has also been improved to make this article unique and different from other websites.

The Result

Updated display to ensure it is in a more perfect condition.

By editing from various angles, it makes each article on a recipe found on this site very unique and free from matching any article that has been in the Google search engine.

The use of recipe formats indirectly makes it easier for users and the results are more efficient and easier to understand.

The website is also optimized so that every recipe accessed becomes smoother.

The result: This is to make it easier for every browser that enters this website to have smoother access.